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    Victoria has been giving psychic readings and holding classes and seminars for about a quarter of a century.  For over a decade, Victoria has also done interior design, both in Hong Kong and San Francisco, as she was a burgeoning interior designer when she first realized she was also meant to be a psychic!

    Bragging rights...

    Victoria has done over 17,000 guest appearances on radio for the past 22 years, in the US, England, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and most other English speaking countries in the world. Also, during the mid-1990s Victoria had her own talk show where she interviewed metaphysical leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Stuart Wilde.

    Please feel free to look around Victoria's website to read more about her and what she offers.

    Did you know ... 

    Victoria combines two passions in life, fashion and spirituality, to create holistic jewelry lines.  She continually evolves her designs to reflect current trends. Her intent is to bring value, both at price point and to make a difference in the wearer’s life as she embraces her ‘inner fashionista’.

    Victoria has been an avid collector of unusual beads from around the world for over 20 years. These include trendy, classic, earthy/ethnic, one-of-a-kind pieces,, and even precious stones such as diamonds. Her main collection is comprised of semi-precious stones around stretchy bracelets. Each design is created through Victoria’s intuition.

    You can read more about Victoria's Fashion Collections here.