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    Mercury Retrograde

    Mercury will be retrograde from 10 December through 30 December. It is important to understand what this means, as it will be affecting Christmas holidays.

    When Mercury is what is called retrograde, it has a very strong influence on everything having to do with communication and transportation: conversations, contracts, travel, important emails - you name it, these are all affected, adversely! During these times when Mercury is retrograde pay particularly close attention to EVERYTHING you say, do or think re all your contracts, trips, social and business plans, agreements - and especially anything having to with romantic relationships.

    Mercury generally is retrograde for approximately 3 weeks. However its influence begins almost 2 weeks prior to the actual retrograde period; it also has an influence for about 2 weeks after the planet has gone 'direct' (ie, returned to its usual orbital path).

    By the way from approx 2 weeks before and until about 2 weeks after Mercury goes direct it is not a good time to initiate anything important at all: ie, getting married, buying a home, establishing a new business, purchasing a vehicle or computer, etc.

    So! What is 'Mercury Retrograde?' This is a phenomenon that happens three times per year: the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards, based on the configuration of all the other planets. When this occurs a lot of confusion is created, especially for Geminis and Virgos, for whom Mercury is their ruling planet. Many relationships of all types end, even if they are not meant to, due to misunderstandings especially in the area of communication ... this is a good time to stay at home more, clean closets and files, do mind-mapping, reassess your life and goals - and wait until this period ends!

    "Life has been tough. Work has been overwhelming, can't seem to get enough good rest, am starting to get sick, ended the relationship with the girl who I thought was my soulmate in the beginning...But everything else is great!"  J Watkins--South Carolina

    "Merc Retro is a great time to attach 're' to your activities: REschedule, REpair, REwrite documents, REturn to the past (to REview, let go) , REorganize.  RE: is golden at this time!" JK White, DDS--Del Mar CA

     "Christmas. A holiday I usually spend with family (sometimes good, sometimes--notsogood).  But with Mercury Retrograde,I have to come up with some excuses NOT to be around them long!  How about: I have to take care of my dog? OH--wait!  i don't actually HAVE a dog. OK, I think I left my oven on. Or, This time I want to avoid all that traffic.  Hmm. Still working on one that will fly..." Stephanie Gleichsner--Fairfax VA

    "What is up with this Mercury in Retrograde?!  Blizzards, flight delays, client agreements broken, relationships strained….this has been a tough one and I'm ready for it to be over!" Laura H. Sandall, Sandall Marketing, LLC

    "Uh oh!  I can not believe that damn Mercury is in retrograde again!  Every single time this occurs, my life takes a noise dive; in fact I just got a speeding ticket two days ago.  Now I'm dreading seeing my family for Christmas -- I've got to find some excuse how not to see them or how to postpone getting together with them after it's over. Even though I used to laugh when you told me it's a good time to stay in bed with the covers over my head for the entire three week period, that's exactly what I really want to do until the holidays are over." - Stephanie, Reston, VA





    September 2010

     SEPTEMBER  2010

    This is my 17th year of writing a monthly blog ( ...back then called a newsletter!).  I focus on what the 'cosmic theme' is for the year:  each month is devoted to a 'sub-theme' (...I made up that word!),     a part of the big picture for the year that will be affecting all of us.  2010's theme for the year is understanding the concept of hope differently.

    There is a deep-seated MEANING regarding the quality of hope, which as humans we've rarely been able, until now, to totally grasp; we weren't sophisticated enough spiritually to understand the subtleties of virtually any emotion or quality.  We were almost entirely governed by what is called our 'reptilian brain.'   This part of our brain is the most ancient part, and has to do with many important aspects of our every-day lives, such as the fight-or-flight syndrome. It is also part of our brain has kept the concept of hope in its lowest, weakest forms ( such as , "I hope he will finally give me a ring " ---I do actually hear this comment a LOT; several times per week on radio stations, at the very least...)

     We as humans are in the throes of a major transformation ( a part of what 2012 is about).  Not only are we working on many levels to transform the way our reptilian brain works, but to also begin incorporating  higher levels of those beliefs/responses already into how we we will be functioning in upcoming years.

    hope  (tee hee!)  that  now what I have been saying about hope as we've known it, and why I was guided to devote a chunk of this year in my blogs to the importance of seeing the  next incarnation of the concept differently, is beginning to create 'Ah-ha' moments...

    Still more to say, in the remaining months of the year.

    September also happens to be one of the best for a long time, going backwards and forwards in time, to begin to create something powerful.  Mercury is in Retrograde until the 12th, which does hamper attempts to move forward; however as soon as Mercury is Direct again (or, in it's usual mode)---it will be a perfect time to send out resumes, move, purchase electronic equipment or vehicles, begin new projects, or even finally be able to tell someone something you've been wanting to, but knew it would never work while Mercury was in its retrograde phase. 

    Other reasons why the second half of September is auspicious (a term the Chinese use when discussing positive times to do something; part of feng shui and Chinese astrology) are that people are back from holidays/vacations and have more attention to being present at work; children are back at school; the flu season hasn't begun, nor has the round of holidays beginning around Halloween.  Plus, this year, despite what many in the news media state, more and more people are becoming optimistic that the economy is taking a turn for the better which creates their opening up their wallets a bit more, and unconsciously becoming more open to new ideas, sources and avenues of information.  Which is what much of the contraction of the past 2 years has been about--retrenching for a little while, then going out, full-force--with new ways of seeing things, dealing with people and situations, and a commitment to never return to how life used to work, boxed in with an old job, or whatever it might have been that was holding one back.

    THE last time there was such a Universally, necessary, huge shift was at the end of World War II, with the diaspora at the very end of it.  This is at least that big, this current cosmic, dynamic, massive shift we are in the middle of.

    We are now in a lull-time. Enjoy it, make the most of it, drop people and situations that you instinctively know are holding you back.  Then, when 'lull-time' is over, you will have the right footing , to be where we are all meant to be. And , life will be easy.  Much more so than for most.



    Summer 2010

    For over 17 years, I have put out a monthly newsletter/blog.

    I have always channeled the content; my Spirit Guides have told me exactly what they want me to pass on to my readers each month.  BTW, every year has some sort of cosmic, or – you might even call it Divine – theme to it:  each month throughout that year has a certain component to it, related to the year’s bigger theme.

    2010 is related to the concept of hope.  The Webster’s online dictionary definition of hope: “to cherish a desire with anticipation.” 

    Back in January I was guided to work with a unique aspect of hope.  I was shown in a meditation that there is a very unique, mostly suppressed aspect/power contained within it. 

    If you see everything that exists as being an energy containing both a high spiritual aspect to it, as well as a mundane aspect, it will be a new way to view hope.  As with literally everything (wealth, happiness, sexuality, music, types of foods, entertainment, health - - everything) hope exists in both highly spiritual and mundane levels at the same time.  The mundane - - or lower - - aspect relates to the “wimpy” concept of hope: a so-called “wimpy” version of hope would be something like, “I hope I won’t miss my flight, even though I’ve only left 20 minutes at the airport", or "I hope that I’m going to pass my important exam tomorrow, even though I haven’t had much time to study.”


    The exalted (. . .another way of saying this is, “higher”) aspect of hope is what I am referring to.  This is what the true meaning of hope is all about. 

    As mentioned several months ago, if you read this blog every month throughout the year, by year’s end you will be feeling more grounded, operating more on your life’s purpose and creating more of what you want in life.  Back in January, my Spirit Guides told me that one needs to be operating on a certain level of sophistication spiritually and emotionally before one can actually grasp how to work with the higher concept of hope.  Anyone operating from a mundane level of “hope” is probably in denial in some way and won’t be able to grasp what true hope can actually do for them.  Don't worry, if you think you might be one of those reading this who are assuming that your level of hope is floundering in the mundane!  The entire purpose of my being guided to address this issue this year is to help guide how to transform wimpydom - to - exhalted : )


    Rather than there being a separate theme for each of the summer months this year, it was told to me by my Spirit Guides that there is one particular aspect for all of June, July, and August:  Hope - realized through carefreeness, fun, and enjoyment of life. With longer hours of sunlight throughout the summer months, and with the additional heat-factor, plus it being the traditional time for holidays/vacations, people generally lighten up a lot more during these three particular months. In other words, people are more prone on multiple levels to enjoying life, having fun, feeling more lighthearted and carefree and celebrate more with friends and family. 

    Traditionally the longer days of summer have given more people hope, anyway:  we have more serotonin, endorphins affecting our brains due to the extra Vitamin D (coming from additional sunlight).  A different way of stating this is that when we experience more of the sun’s rays, longer, we are actually open to receiving more inspiration about higher aspects of life such as inner peace, freedom and enjoyment of life.  It might sound bizarre, but it is true.

    My Spirit Guides have been telling me recently that we are all in the eye of a certain “storm” – ie. in the very middle – of some new and very dramatic challenges.  Much more so than each of us has experienced over the past several years. And, apparently, the major reason for this is to push us through to truly understanding -- hope, in its highest form.  The current reason for this is to have it engrained within each of us so much so, that we will be able to get out of mundane "hope" when these situations arise.  We will begin to actually, literally expect the situation to become transformed or healed – without any doubt.   An excellent beginning to having hope engrained is to just merely recognize that it's meant to be, it's necessary and will be easy if you allow yourself to open up to your own Spirit Guide's information/working with you on deep levels about it.  Then, do affirmations about it (see the section below on affirmations channeled about hope for the summer months, as well as how to create your own affirmations).  

    Each color has an innate quality or vibration to it.  The intrinsic color for the deep meaning of hope is magenta.  Colors are very transformative; look for things that have magenta in them  - - pens, note paper, scarves, semi-precious stones (there is a certain color of ruby  - see if you can find it at some gem show - that is the perfect vibration for deep-seated hope).  As you find and bring home magenta-colored items tell yourself that by doing this you are opening up to a greater understanding of the high vibration that is Divinely meant re hope.  What I’m trying to say is look for items to wear, find, download, paint, etc. that have this magenta color.  Have them everywhere around you. . .


    Surround yourself with everything you can with this color – use all the five senses. . .Since one of the five senses relates to tasting, you might want to even look for something like a cupcake that has this color in the frosting!  Have fun with this.  The more you can make something feel real to you the more you will be able to bring it into everyday reality. 





    Affirmations for Summer 2010

    • Hope, in its truest sense, makes my life complete. 
    • Each and every day I find myself filled with more and more understanding of the Divine sense of hope.
    • I live my life more joyfully every day, as a result of my newfound understanding of hope. 

    I had a dream recently in which I was told to create a line of simple bracelets.  In that dream I saw all sorts of bracelets having beads on stretchy cord - - I saw many different sizes of beads, shapes, and colors.  Some had a charm on them with the word “hope”.

    I immediately began to seek out gems from several different sources.  I acquired a wide variety of them.  These include black lava (lightweight and looks really cool; it’s my favorite), rose quartz, turquoise, amethyst, coral, aquamarine and loads more.  The beads range anywhere from tiny ones to about ¼” in diameter.

    Each of these bracelets I’ve worked (through meditation) on literally programming the bracelets to vibrate the true, deep meaning of hope.

    I also saw that I needed to develop a line of bracelets that have an anti-evil-eye motif.  All across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Asia and everywhere in London, people are wearing bracelets or necklaces to ward off negative energy from other people - - commonly known at least in the Middle East as the “Evil Eye” (this comes from the concept of the third chakra, referring to ‘extra’ sight, that is centered in the middle of the forehead.  BTW Indians often wear a red dot at that point to emphasize that they are proud of their intuition).


    Quote Re Hope


    • Quote re hope:  “We must . . . never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.