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    January 2011

    JANUARY  2011

    Each year in January I talk/write about/address what the year ahead is Cosmically meant to be about; there actually  is a theme for each particular year, and if we work with it, the year goes along much better, as a result!
    The big theme for 2011 is --thank goodness--all about creation.
    This has to do with, literally, creating something (or some ONE...) in our lives that has previously alluded us.  Purchasing a home, changing careers, returning to school, travel to far-off places, encountering a romantic partner: something important in life that we are missing out on, or have missed out along the way.
    There is a lot of Divine support for each of us who works with what is meant to be: it becomes far easier to make headway than with previous attempts.  Doors open, fears and stubbornness are released, people show up to help.
    Ways to begin working with this are:
    1) decide on something you would truly love having or being different in your life by next January.
    2) go out somewhere in nature --a beach is ideal. Affirm strongly to yourself that this will be done, that you are committed to completing this year that what has not been able to be a reality previously  Say it out loud if you can.  Say it several times, until you can almost feel it. Some people use the word 'declare' instead of 'affirm'; see which resonates more with you.
    3) create several affirmations concerning the area of your life (see the section entitled Affirmations, below).
    4) Make a list (or several!) of times you attempted---and seemingly--failed to achieve this in the past; also, and very important, who in your life might want to keep you where you are  currently (an ex-mate, former friends etc). Ditto, what you KNOW is baggage holding you back ( jealousy? carrying around a lot of unwanted pounds? needing to learn more about social media ( doesn't ALL have to seem like 'bad' stuff!)? ). When you cannot come up with more, in a small ceremony, burn the lists.  As the fire destroys to paper (and therefore the lists), try to release as much of these issues into the flames as you are able, asking that your Spirit Guides take away the issues as the flames have taken away the written aspect of the issues.  You WILL literally release some of each item  you'd written out.  Then, ask for a specific Spirit Guide to be assigned to you, just for the purpose of this quest.
    5) each night before you go to sleep, surrender the outcome of your desire to your Spirit Guides, asking them to show you clues, give you inspirations and  encouragement to persevere.  Keep paper and pen by your bedside, in case the inspiration comes in the middle of the night!  If it does, write it down (and this includes dreams also) right then--we often think that the message is so strong that we'll remember it in the morning, but that rarely happens!
    That is some of the metaphysical work to do at beginning the process.  THEN--do research!  Google the topic 'vacation in Greece', 'having thicker hair', 'learning to play piano', 'learning Russian', 'getting rid of clutter (or stop hoarding)', 'writing a screenplay/documentary', 'attract a loving partner', 'learn to sail', 'purchase first home': these are all actual choices for this year from some clients.  Go to the library---it is still good to read stuff written in books, as that is the way we all began to learn to read.  A different part of our brain 'reads' the information differently from the way we process what we read on computers.
    In order to make significant changes in life, it is necessary to move around/out old energy we are currently stuck in--even the little energy patterns count. Such as always shopping in the same grocery stores, and purchasing the same brands/types of food.  Or driving to work and back the exact same way, stopping at the gym on the way home the same evening each week.  TV shows, ditto.  Shake it up, in every way you can; otherwise the pathways in your brain will keep you in current mode.  Rent new types of movies; try cooking some new food, listen to another form of music (sensory perception [seeing, hearing, tasting] is a power transformer...)
    I will be providing other tips and inspirations throughout the year...
    I will also be giving some predictions , the way I have done for many years on radio stations.  BTW, one of my favorite predictions from last year was that Victoria Beckham would become pregnant with a little girl..if you heard me mention others that are lighthearted, please remind me of where you heard it/them, and I will give you a 15 minute session to say thank you!  I know WHAT I predicted; just need confirmation of where, for validation! I don't normally save these, but am being asked more and more to do so, and will be needing to refer back to them.
    *  I accept that I am now in a new reality. My new reality is that I absolutely create whatever it is that I want  to  consciously bring into my life. 
    *  My life is now about conscious creation of my heart's desire.
    *  I am one with my Divine goal for this year of 2011.  I trust in my Divine purpose for this  year, and in achieving what I am meant to create.

    Each month I channel anywhere from one to several affirmations. My Spirit Guides continually let me know that anyone working with the affirmations in my newsletter will see faster results than the affirmations usually provide. I have several dozen Spirit Guides who assist anyone who works with these particular affirmations; they enhance the outcome of whatever the affirmation is about by at least 2 times, up to 6-7 times.
     Saying affirmations on a daily basis is a very effective tool in creating what you want. Constantly repeating positive thoughts eventually WILL transform your thinking patterns and therefore your belief system…One of the phrases I’m most known for, is, “What you believe—you create.” Another way of saying this is that as you start to believe you deserve more, you’ll create more. There are many schools of thought on how long it takes an affirmation to finally work. I believe it is different for each person, and for each area of life we want to transform. Having said that, what I have observed over the past few decades is that saying an affirmation 15-35 times per day will “bear fruit” (i.e., begin to show up in your life) in anywhere from 7 weeks to 4 months. When you speak your affirmations, you are giving instructions to your subconscious mind. How quickly your subconscious mind accepts these thoughts as a new reality depends on many factors: your state of health, how new the topic is to your life, how much stress you are under, how much spiritual work you’ve done on yourself, etc.
     Always state affirmations in the positive. For example: if you’re wanting to increase money that comes to you, state something such as, “Money comes easily to me. I always have a constant flow of money into my checking account.” DON’T say something such as, “I will never worry about my checks bouncing again.” Do be specific: make sure that you state exactly what it is you want. For example, if you are working on manifesting a partner in life, be sure to include aspects such as he/she being “geographically desirable” (in other words not living across the continent, or in another country), prosperous, healthy, supportive, and–single. (That last aspect can be critically important!


    "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right." ~Oprah Winfrey
    "Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better person." ~Ben Franklin
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