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    March Blog

    "Ten ways to beat the effects of Mercury Retrograde."

    "Mercury Retrograde* is a mystical astrological occurrence which happens three to four times a year. It has been long regarded as a period where things do not always go as planned, misunderstandings, relationship breakdowns, house sales fall through and planes get delayed! But psychic Victoria Bullis has mastered the art of managing the retrograde with as little disruption as possible, so follow her top tips over the coming weeks and ensure your life stays on track!"

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    "Victoria Bullis has been a psychic for the past 30years, and has performed readings on the likes of; Ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt, Eliza Doolittle, MTV Presenter Laura Whitmore and many more. She became interested in the whole field of metaphysics during the seven years she spent living in Hong Kong. While there, she studied Buddhism, feng shui, acupuncture, and Eastern mysticism."
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    MARCH 2011

    As long-time readers know, I write a somewhat monthly blog here.  I have always channelled the information that my Spirit Guides tell me is what is meant to be known and acted on for any given month; I have been doing this for about 13 years.  Much farther back than that, they told me that there is a big, powerful theme for each year (and these big themes go on in 12 year 'waves'--which is the term they continually use).  When I was guided to write a monthly newsletter-now-called-blog, they let me know that one of my purposes here, is to help readers and listeners (radio shows) understand in an easy way that there is so much always going on, that it is impossible to be on top of even most of it, and just by learning to flow with what is meant to be (with some tips on how to do that...), all WILL be well. 

    There is a component each month to the year's overall theme.

    The 'umbrella' theme for this tumultuous year is creation.  All years' themes are good ones, or at least are cosmically INTENDED to be; however it is especially good to know that with all the global disturbances going on that began in January (with the regime in Tunisia collapsing)--also cosmically intended--and our barely even scratching the surface of what we are now in the midst of going through----that we are  actually meant to go and create many good things in our lives! Especially things that have eluded us in the past, such as owning a home, getting into shape, writing a book, finishing a degree, taking an overseas trip...A big part of this theme for each of us is that, while as humans we are all interconnected to each other, we do not have to experience ourselves personally, what is cosmically meant to happen in other areas of the world...It is good to have a knowledge of events now taking place, as they are unprecedented, and help those who are in the throes of war or climate change, but--not take it on.  I have always said that it is better not to pay attention to the news, that it is not really news, but more about suffering and disaster.  BUT--now we are in a different era...

    I am known for saying a couple of things. Well, actually, a lot more than that (!), but  two that come to mind that are relevant here: The first is, "Everything affects everything else." The other, "EVERYthing counts." Simple as they are, paying attention to these will either move you along more quickly towards achieving something you have always wanted to create but have not been able to up until now, or will keep you in 'wishful thinking' mode.  The more you recognize this, the more attention you will pay to all your choices and decisions. 
    March's theme-within-the bigger-theme is about learning to flow.  That there is a Divine Plan for each of us, and if we pay attention to the signals (also called 'clues' or 'messages' or 'signs') that we're given, we will be successful in all that we need to accomplish, now and in life in general.   The more you practice paying attention (even if nothing comes to you at first--it will. Your Guides want you to receive the messages they are sending you!), the more you will automatically slip from one inspired thought to another, until you find yourself recognizing when you AREN'T paying attention to their messages, and will start doing what I call 'self correct.'  And change whatever isn't working for you back to the pattern of inspired thinking--which ends up being such a constant that it becomes a continuous  a flow or rhythm throughout all or most aspects of your life.

    Inspired thinking is a facet of intuition.

    The messages from your Guides come in numerous ways: dreams, inspired thoughts (sometimes called an 'aha moment' or 'epiphany'), first waking thoughts in the morning, and a variety of clues from everyday life:  seeing a certain color everywhere; on cars, billboards, signs, people's clothing, etc. Each color has a quality to it, such as green, which can mean either money (to some)  or  'go for it' (green-light-go). By practicing being alert when you see  green, you'll soon know which it means to you.  Or hearing a siren; I always say that it's good to pay attention to what you were just thinking if you hear an extraneous loud noise, or to what someone was just saying if in conversation.  There are SO many signals, and they end up becoming obvious after awhile.  Most people have so much chatter going on in their head that they miss all clues, including warnings...and therefore make many mistakes.
    Signs that you're not in flow?  Anxiety. Worry. Trepidation. Feelings of futility, being stuck.  Letting the news get you down.

    Signs that you are IN flow-mode?  Feeling  mellow. A sense of Hopefulness. Confidence. Able to smile or laugh easily. Not being affected by circumstances outside your control, staying in the zone.  When you are in flow, sometimes called Divine flow, it is akin to being in a zone that sports players discuss: you are out of the time-space continuum.

    I wrote all that is above last evening.  This morning, when I first went to check my emails here at the top was one from a friend who sends lovely msgs on a daily basis (see how to sign up for these message, in a box below...) "Today, Victoria, is all about being like water and going with the flow.  So get your wetsuit on and just let yourself go."  I had to laugh: flow and humor! 

    In basic physics class, we learn that everything is time, space, energy and information.  And I have taught and used this principle over the years when teaching classes on say, prosperity.  However, the time-space continuum has changed dramatically (ie, time and space are not seen in the same way: we now routinely connect in a second or two with people on the other side of the planet, for example).  Our vibrations, or energy, has also changed; the way children learn to use a computer at an early age is one example.  And the quality and amount of informations has drastically transformed over the past  several years, and is doing so exponentially.  People who can't adapt to these changes and increasingly being left behind, and retreat more and more into fear based thinking and acting. The recent few years' economic downturn is an indication of this: inability to adapt to downsizings and businesses closing ends up affecting relationships, brings out anger and blame; much more.  This is important to know, and, unfortunately, there are many more in this mode than not.  In fact MOST people are 'activated' right, as we apply our usual way of approaching a situation, and find that what used to work doesn't any longer, such as reasoning with a customer service person or one's boss for time off for a sick child (something I am helping a client with currently: how to address the issue in a way he can work with a solution; he is under so much pressure and strain  that he can't deal with another employee  special request, and blames the employee for HIS issues...classic 'kill the messenger' type-approach), it probably has a lot to do with how everything is changing; the paradigm is not working any longer. An important reason to learn to listen to messages that are always there to help us survive, thrive and--be able to still create what we want to own, who we want to become and what we want to do...without fear of being caught up in some of the earth changes and man made events coming up, or losing everything in some other sort of potential downturn....when you are in flow-mode, you cease to worry about what might happen to stop the process.

    One of the best ways to get into flow and remain there, is to meditate.  Or even do 30+ deep breaths a few  times per day.  Read self help books, on prosperity, connecting with your 'angels' (Spirit Guides), meditation.  Hay House Publishing has countless books on these topics; a wonderful publisher. 


    I love and have fun looking for all the clues, messages and inspirations that are everywhere, from my Spirit Guides.

    The more I pay attention to messages from my Spirit Guides, the more all my thoughts are inspired ones.

    I love having my life be in more and more flow, each and every day.

    Each month I channel anywhere from one to several affirmations.
    My Spirit Guides continually let me know that anyone working with the affirmations in my newsletter will see faster results than the affirmations usually provide. I have several dozen Spirit Guides who assist anyone who works with these particular affirmations; they enhance the outcome of whatever the affirmation is about by at least 2 times, up to 6-7 times.
     Saying affirmations on a daily basis is a very effective tool in creating what you want. Constantly repeating positive thoughts eventually WILL transform your thinking patterns and therefore your belief system…One of the phrases I’m most known for, is, “What you believe—you create.” Another way of saying this is that as you start to believe you deserve more, you’ll create more. There are many schools of thought on how long it takes an affirmation to finally work. I believe it is different for each person, and for each area of life we want to transform. Having said that, what I have observed over the past few decades is that saying an affirmation 15-35 times per day will “bear fruit” (i.e., begin to show up in your life) in anywhere from 7 weeks to 4 months. When you speak your affirmations, you are giving instructions to your subconscious mind. How quickly your subconscious mind accepts these thoughts as a new reality depends on many factors: your state of health, how new the topic is to your life, how much stress you are under, how much spiritual work you’ve done on yourself, etc.
     Always state affirmations in the positive. For example: if you’re wanting to increase money that comes to you, state something such as, “Money comes easily to me. I always have a constant flow of money into my checking account.” DON’T say something such as, “I will never worry about my checks bouncing again.” Do be specific: make sure that you state exactly what it is you want. For example, if you are working on manifesting a partner in life, be sure to include aspects such as he/she being “geographically desirable” (in other words not living across the continent, or in another country), prosperous, healthy, supportive, and–single. (That last aspect can be critically important!) 

    A friend of mine in the UK, Emma Fairclough, has an adorable, uplifting daily message you can sign up for, called the emergiser. I mentioned one in my blog (above); I love seeing the latest one each morning! On Facebook, under 'Emergise', she calls herself a 'good girl with a twist'... :)

    How to beat Mercury retrograde

    Stay ahead of the game during the Mercury retrograde with these tips from pyshcic Victoria Bullis.

    Mercury Retrograde is a mystical astrological occurrence which happens three to four times a year, when the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop (station) and move backward (retrograde). It's an optical illusion (since there is forward movement) like speeding by a slow-moving train. It has been long regarded as a period where things do not always go as planned, misunderstandings, relationship breakdowns, house sales fall through and planes get delayed! But psychic Victoria Bullis has mastered the art of managing the retrograde with as little disruption as possible, so follow her top tips over the coming weeks and ensure your life stays on track!

    1. First and foremost, recognize that everyone is affected by this (Aries and Virgos more than the other signs), that no one is quite on top of things, that they will frequently misunderstand what someone means when communicating/ is attempting to say. Understanding this will make one more cautious with all interactions with others.

    2. There is a major impact on travel. More airport delays, luggage lost, ticket issues. Best not to travel at all during this time - unless going back to place you have known or loved. Then all seems mitigated to some degree.

    3.This is not a time to purchases any electronics, whatsoever. From mobile phones, to laptops or any sound equipment, any issues that might be associated with the electronic items will increase dramatically.

    4. Also NOT a time to move, home or office. Moves made during this time will not go as smoothly as those done before Mercury Retrograde, or thereafter. Estate agents all over the world understand this!

    5. For romantic relationships, this is probably THE most impacted area of one's life, when Mercury goes Retrograde. This is a good time to not initiate anything new, keep the status quo, be sweet, playful, non-committal, and light-hearted. If neither of you has said "I love you” yet - don't ! Wait until it is at least 1 week over. This is SO important. New beginnings are very much more powerful just after this contraction period is over. WORTH waiting for.

    6. This is also not an auspicious time to begin a new job. It is best to wait to begin anything new related to money or business opportunities, until it is beyond this phase.

    7. What Mercury Retrograde is good for, is staying at home, not spending much time communicating with friends and family - AND performing such tasks as cleaning out closets, organizing one's wardrobe and the like. Toss/donate what isn't working for you any longer. This will free you up for new items - and even people - to come to you when the Retrograde phase is completed. Cleaned-out energy; availability for what is new.

    8.The same is true for going through old files - whether they be literal files in a drawer or box, or on the computer.... i.e, get rid of deadwood, remove the files that are not working for you.

    9. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to do research - into anything you have been putting off wanting to try, need to know, are curious about, etc. Perfect time to sit back, look up information, wait to take any action on it...

    10. Another way to approach this time period is to mindmap what you want to accomplish (...there are many books and cd's easily available re this concept), learn new skills, wait for new beginnings that will be more easily available at the end of this waiting period.

    AND - when this Mercury Retrograde period is over - get ready for new energy 'thrust' that will make all that you have wanted to accomplish, more easy to achieve.

     Find the article at:

    Please do read my column in (Celebrity Psychic Scoop---title will be changed this year!); there will be more on creation, plus many other topics, and will include some giveaways!

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