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    Mercury Retrograde

    Mercury will be retrograde from 10 December through 30 December. It is important to understand what this means, as it will be affecting Christmas holidays.

    When Mercury is what is called retrograde, it has a very strong influence on everything having to do with communication and transportation: conversations, contracts, travel, important emails - you name it, these are all affected, adversely! During these times when Mercury is retrograde pay particularly close attention to EVERYTHING you say, do or think re all your contracts, trips, social and business plans, agreements - and especially anything having to with romantic relationships.

    Mercury generally is retrograde for approximately 3 weeks. However its influence begins almost 2 weeks prior to the actual retrograde period; it also has an influence for about 2 weeks after the planet has gone 'direct' (ie, returned to its usual orbital path).

    By the way from approx 2 weeks before and until about 2 weeks after Mercury goes direct it is not a good time to initiate anything important at all: ie, getting married, buying a home, establishing a new business, purchasing a vehicle or computer, etc.

    So! What is 'Mercury Retrograde?' This is a phenomenon that happens three times per year: the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards, based on the configuration of all the other planets. When this occurs a lot of confusion is created, especially for Geminis and Virgos, for whom Mercury is their ruling planet. Many relationships of all types end, even if they are not meant to, due to misunderstandings especially in the area of communication ... this is a good time to stay at home more, clean closets and files, do mind-mapping, reassess your life and goals - and wait until this period ends!

    "Life has been tough. Work has been overwhelming, can't seem to get enough good rest, am starting to get sick, ended the relationship with the girl who I thought was my soulmate in the beginning...But everything else is great!"  J Watkins--South Carolina

    "Merc Retro is a great time to attach 're' to your activities: REschedule, REpair, REwrite documents, REturn to the past (to REview, let go) , REorganize.  RE: is golden at this time!" JK White, DDS--Del Mar CA

     "Christmas. A holiday I usually spend with family (sometimes good, sometimes--notsogood).  But with Mercury Retrograde,I have to come up with some excuses NOT to be around them long!  How about: I have to take care of my dog? OH--wait!  i don't actually HAVE a dog. OK, I think I left my oven on. Or, This time I want to avoid all that traffic.  Hmm. Still working on one that will fly..." Stephanie Gleichsner--Fairfax VA

    "What is up with this Mercury in Retrograde?!  Blizzards, flight delays, client agreements broken, relationships strained….this has been a tough one and I'm ready for it to be over!" Laura H. Sandall, Sandall Marketing, LLC

    "Uh oh!  I can not believe that damn Mercury is in retrograde again!  Every single time this occurs, my life takes a noise dive; in fact I just got a speeding ticket two days ago.  Now I'm dreading seeing my family for Christmas -- I've got to find some excuse how not to see them or how to postpone getting together with them after it's over. Even though I used to laugh when you told me it's a good time to stay in bed with the covers over my head for the entire three week period, that's exactly what I really want to do until the holidays are over." - Stephanie, Reston, VA




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    This retrograde has really kept me confused and heartbroken. On 9 march my Pisces boyfriend out off the blue broke up with me but his answers to my questions didnt quite make sense. I dont know if he meant the break up but he said he still cares about me and wants me to stay in his life. I know break-ups happen in retrogrades, but i dont know if they can reconcile during or hopefully after the retrograde. I am seeing him again on saterday, a day before the retrograde ends. I want to remain hopefull. Please help with your advice. I am a Virgo born 31 August. My pisces born 2 march.

    March 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterYvette

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