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    *Note:  I’m not able to answer personal questions via email.  If you do email me, please leave detailed contact information, including your name and phone number, and my assistant or I will get back to you about fees, times when I do readings and any questions you may have about my sessions.

    However, it is possible that I may be able to answer your personal question in my regularly featured column, in the “Off The Beaten Path” section of LA Splash Magazine (

    Please note that if you send me a question, you are also giving me permission to answer that question in my column, either as you wrote it, or in a revised form.

    I wish I had the time and energy to get back to everyone who tries to contact me personally, but it’s just not physically possible… please don’t take it personally if I’m not able to get back to you at this time.

    Namaste, * Victoria

    *Namaste means, “I see the light  of God within you.”

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