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    I came to Victoria about a month ago, referred by a friend but as a very lost depressed person. Over the last few years between health and deaths I’ve just lost my energy and positive thinking. I spoke with Victoria briefly about sessions and in 5 minutes what she stated to me about health, well being and other events was amazing. I spoke with her later that evening and when I say I ended the phone call with her as a different person, I mean I was truly a different person. My energy level is now positive! I’ve made changes to my life that now allow me to see and feel things I’ve never before. My health is starting to repair itself on its own!!! This is huge! I’ve become a stronger more faith based person that has added meditation in my life. Victoria loves what she is able to do which is to help people. I also love that she can tell me about my previous life and my future. Thank you Victoria!! I am blessed to have you in my life now ~ William Shelley

    For nearly two years on our morning show we have had the pleasure of featuring our friend Victoria Bullis as a special guest for our listening friends. Victoria is an incredibly gifted (and sweet) world renowned psychic & happiness coach. Each time we introduce her segment, our phone lines jam with eager listeners waiting to speak with her. Victoria instantly became a beloved part of our show. From dealing with career changes, connecting with lost loved ones, to relationship problems...having Victoria on with us allows our show more depth and content that goes above and beyond the norm. Our show always looks for ways to connect with people on an emotionally engaging level. Sometimes that emotion is fun and funny, sometimes the emotion digs a little deeper. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for a guest to help generate calls and allow for some real, organic and interesting should inbox her now or send email here. ~ Lenny Michael Ovadia

    You did a reading for me 2 weeks ago.  I just wanted to thank you for your help.  What you have said to me was true and I am doing everything I can to make the right career changes. What does social worker or PSW sounds like to you?  I am meeting with a career counselor next week to find out more about my options.  And as for my love life; I knew things were rough and I think that having you telling me what you saw out of this relationship was needed.

    You have a beautiful life purpose, you must get a great feeling out of it.  It is a very special gift that you have and I am thankful that you help me with it :) ~ Julie T, Toronto

    Firstly, thank you. Your timing is spot on and your encouragement makes me feel worthy and HAPPY. Your teachings not only address my welfare but lead me to making a difference in others... even those who are not close to me. I didn't see this for myself. Thank you again for your loving thoughts. ~ Rita T, Toronto

    My session with Victoria was incredibly impactful. I was struck by how straight-talking and also caring she is - while being incredibly helpful and constructive. She blew my mind with how sharply she honed in on key details and alight an awareness of things I had never realized before. She told me things I hadn't seen or thought about before with such matter-of-factness and the very next day I started to see them around me! It made me chuckle. It was unnerving but awesome! She woke me up. I can feel the incredible potential in her words and work, and the positive changes she can help bring about.  I am so grateful to have been able to speak with her. ~ Amy Douglas, Toronto


    Many years ago I had a 45 minute reading with you.  Your insight and helpful comments made a huge difference in my thoughts and attitude at that time. You gave me ideas and reading material to help enhance my mind and gave me a new path to follow.  I have lived a much happier and loving life every since.  Thank you again for letting me see my world in a different way.  ~ Karen, Dallas

    I first contacted Victoria in February 2012 after listening to her on a local radio station. During my reading with her I soon discovered that as ancient souls go, I don’t usually take the easy road and had somehow lost my way…. with a loving hand Victoria helped me reconnect and focus on what was most important. She has forever changed my life.

    Victoria, I love you so much and am so grateful for you showing me the way to re-discover my true divine self. Rarely do you find someone who accepts you and likes you for you. Unconditionally…. Ego and all; without judgment. ~ Elaine V., Atlanta

    My Dearest Victoria ~ I am in awe of what happened during my recent reading with you – it was, apart from some moments I have spent with my darling twin brother prior to his passing, probably THE most powerful moment of my life.  Although Chris is around me and with me every day, to know that he was with you and to hear you use some of the phrases that I know only he would use just blew me away!!!  It has now been a few weeks and initially, as you well know, I just could not find the right words to express myself and thank you barely cracked the surface but you knew that and thankfully understood at the time, and was prepared to wait.  Thank you my dear.

    However, now that I have had some time to digest the sheer enormity of it all ~ let it all sink in ~ sort things out in my mind ~ I feel better equipped to comment and to so highly recommend your services to anyone seeking solace, guidance, clarity, understanding, just about anything on ANYTHING within their lives, careers or whatever.  The ability in which you connected with me was seamless, the ease at which you made me feel relaxed was effortless and the way you channeled information to me was mind blowing!!!  I am just so thankful I recorded it on my laptop!  You’ve rocked my world and YOU ROCK personally ~ just know that we (me and Bro) are going to be hooked to your wagon for a very long time. ~ Juliet K., Las Vegas

    It turns out the actual deceit was perpetrated on someone very close to me.  In the blink of an eye my time and resources were directed to helping this person through a crisis situation which consumed the entire month of March.  Had I deposited money on my desired goal when I intended to I would have had to forfeit it. Thank you for telling me the hard truth even though it was not what I wanted to hear. I am so glad I heeded your warning. ~ Jeanette N, Oregon

    Had the pleasure of working with Victoria recently!!! Gave me lots of awesome information! At the end of our conversation we were just chatting. Out of the blue I told her I had a 3 hour drive home from work and it was snowing out. Victoria told me to stay in the right lane and to keep my eye on traffic from the other side of the Hwy. Low and behold half way into my drive home a car shot across the highway and ended up in the left hand lane facing the wrong way.  If not for our conversation I would have been in very big trouble on that cold winters night!!! Thank you Victoria!!!! ~ Kim McD, Duluth, MN

    I just wanted to thank you for your interest in my daughter Janice P. You have inspired her to write and I think it will change her life. She is a gifted writer who has always wanted to be published but didn't seem to have the confidence to go through with it. Through your interest she now walks with a smile on her face and she knows that she has the rest of her life to make a difference in this world. Thank you again Victoria. You are a gift from God ~ Patricia P.

    I have been working with Victoria over the past 9 years she had been extremely powerful in helping me realize my potential, trust my instincts, acknowledge and understand the feelings and guidance of my inner self., project confidence in verbal and body language.  Victoria has been very generous with her time when she finds a topic that is exuding massive amounts energy at the time. She has assisted me in finding the truth in situations I have lost sleep over, personal life, business, career, and real estate.  Overall, she is a friend and a professional with tremendous knowledge and insight.  I can say that I have more clarity, perspective and success in all aspects of self, life and career due to the work I have done with Victoria Bullis. ~ John W, South Carolina

    My life derailed when a tumor was removed from my spinal column at age 17 and then my back was fused two years later.  Physical activities were very limited, therefore my outlook on life was poor for numerous years as I struggled to cope.  I heard Victoria on the radio and was inspired to call her.  As a result, she has 100% changed my life for the better.  Due to her healing abilities, I now participate in a large variety of activities, one of the most interesting - pole dancing!  Most importantly, I now have a zest and huge appreciation for life.  I am eternally grateful for Victoria. A few years ago, I had written a testimonial of how much she was helping me.  Now that she updating her website information, I see that my old testimonial is no longer there.  I decided to send a new one so that my information is very current, but my history with Victoria goes back many years. ~ Stephanie Gleichsner, Washington DC

    I first worked with Victoria almost 20 years ago after I heard her on a local morning radio talk show.  I always kept her number because I believed I would want it again someday.  A little over three years ago we reconnected and I knew I had made the right choice.  Victoria has made a significant difference in my life by helping me realize my potential and life's purpose.  Most recently my beloved Greyhound Vassar was diagnosed with bone cancer.  I was devastated and spoke to Victoria about it in our next session.  She helped me to realize my potential as a healer as well as recommended holistic medicine choices specific to Vassar's needs.  At her request, multiple times each week, I sent her updates on our progress and every time Victoria made time to work her healing powers from home.  I firmly believe that if it was to be, we would have healed Vassar together.  His pain was almost non-existent and he was a happy, playful dog again.  Instead of continuing to mourn my loss, I look forward to learning how to communicate with Vassar on a different plane where he will forever be a part of my life.  Now Victoria is teaching me about animal communication to help those whose voices are difficult to hear.  The past three years of working with Victoria have been nothing short of an extraordinary life journey of exploration beyond anything I ever imagined. ~ Bridget M. Minneapolis, MN

    YOU, my dear sweet Victoria, are the most wonderful woman on earth! ~ Jennie F

    I have been working with Victoria over the past 7 years (it is 7 or 8, can’t remember), she had been extremely powerful in helping me realize my potential, trust my instincts, acknowledge and understand the feelings and guidance of my inner self., project confidence in verbal and body language.  She has assisted me in finding the truth in situations I have lost sleep over, personal life, business, career, and real estate.  Overall, she is a friend and a professional with tremendous knowledge and insight.  I can say that I have more clarity, perspective and success in all aspects of self, life and career due to the work I have done with Victoria Bullis. ~ JW, South Carolina

    Victoria Bullis is one of the world's greatest radio psychics. I have worked with her personally. Working with her is a privilege; she is an incredible psychic, and I invite you to have a reading with this wonderful lady.

    Dick Sutphen is world renowned for pioneering the study of past life regressions as well as introducing Sedona, AZ to the world as a spiritual place. He has hundreds of books and cd's on self hypnosis topics which are available at

    You're amazing.
    Thomas Power is the founder of which is a business-oriented social networking site with over 300,000 members.

    While making my monthly visit to Victoria’s website to read her latest newsletter, I browsed to the “Audio” link and listened to the radio segments that she has posted online. One of the calls is from a woman who is unhappy with her current job and she is looking for some guidance as to what she should pursue next. Victoria chats with the caller and tells her that she sees the caller becoming a dancer. It is quite obvious that the caller is very skeptical, although the caller does admit that ever since she was little, she has wanted to be a dancer. Victoria reminds her that was she not meant to get help; she would have never been able to get through the congested phone lines. The caller claims that her dancing days are over and there is no chance now that she will follow her dream, despite encouragement from everyone on the radio show. As I listened, I recalled my own phone experience. I too met my dear friend Victoria on a radio show in Missoula, Montana. I remember the serendipitous chain of events that lead to our conversation. First, I tuned in to the show, right as they were introducing Victoria and asking for callers. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I grabbed my phone and called the radio station. I don’t even think the phone rang and the announcer answered and told me I was the first caller. I immediately began to tingle all over as I waited and the tingling continued while I spoke with Victoria. I think the tingling was the universe telling me I was on the right track. She was so accurate! I followed her advice and I am so much happier than I have ever been in my life! Thank you for this gift of direction that you gave me when I was feeling so lost! ~ Tanya S. Swinney, Seattle, WA,

    Since meeting and then working with Victoria, I have experienced a very exciting and wonderful transformation.  I have evolved both spiritually and emotionally and have reversed my medically diagnosed neurological condition. Victoria has a gifted ability to heal on many different levels. Her spiritual teaching has a step by step guidance towards self empowerment and true wellbeing – all with great warmth and generosity. Her insightful intuition amazes me everyday. She has been a great boost to my life and I look forward to our continued work together with excitement.

    I met Victoria around 2005 after hearing her on The Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio in London. I decided immediately that this is the person I had to meet. Even though I knew this, it took six months before I was finally able to meet her. My instincts had been telling me to be patient as the right person would show up and be able to help me in the way that I needed  – and boy did she help! We met up shortly after and within a short space of time Victoria helped me overcome a serious physical condition which was deemed untreatable! I have continued to work with Victoria with many things including, creating my own business, buying  the best new home I could hardly even dream of owning and getting our adorable dog Millie. Victoria has helped me shape my life in many wonderful ways and open me up to my full potential  - the journey continues, thank you very much Victoria. ~ Chris Lynn, Berkshire, England

    Several years ago I suffered a devastating career ending injury and had no idea which direction I should go in. I turned to Victoria. She advised me to return to school, get my degree and head into the film business. Astonishingly, seven years later, here I am. I work in the film industry, I've met and network with an amazing amount of people, but best of all, I absolutely love what I do!

    Victoria has an insight that is phenomenal and I am so grateful to have found her. Not only has she provided me with information that has become instrumental in the direction my life has taken, but she has also taught me patience and that everything happens exactly when it's supposed to - as long as we listen - to our intuition, to our dreams, to our guides. It's all there, we just need to listen. ~ Kathleen Messmer, Fremont, CA,

    I first read some of the affirmations you put on your web site each month, when I was feeling particularly low one day.  I was so inspired I copied them out on to a couple of post-its; then for ease I stuck them back to back.  I did this so I could carry them in my pocket at all times and bring them out to read whenever I needed to, and not have people wondering what I was doing. 
    I did this for weeks, until one day I forgot that they were in my pocket........It gets worse......I washed my jeans!  I was really upset for a bit, but then I saw the funny side..., which is that now my clothes remind me of those affirmations! --- It's been weeks since that happened, and I've written new affirmations; but---I find that those little affirmations seem to stick to everything! ~ Juliette Woodcock, London


    Finding a Psychic who has the two qualities I demand for our show, accuracy AND personality, is almost impossible. Unless that Psychic is Victoria Bullis. She nails our callers, is radio friendly and has the kind of fun, anything goes personality that just shines! ~ Jinger Royal, Electric Morning Show, Electric 94.9

    Working with Victoria over the past few years have been a true blessing. She's so much more than your ordinary psychic, she's a wonderfully gifted teacher as well.   What I've learned from Victoria is so much more valuable to me than anything that I ever learned at any school, and a  lot cheaper too! Without Victoria's help and insight, I really don't know where I would be in life right now, but I know its safe to say that I wouldn't be nearly as happy as I am right now! Thank you Victoria, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a exceptional person such as yourself.  I look foward to reading her newsletter each an every month as I know I'll find information there that I wont find anywhere else!
    Thanks for everything Victoria! Much love ~ Josh Neidlinger, Hope, New Jersey

    Victoria has always been such a spectacular hit on the air for us and on a personal note she has made such a total difference in my life!  Guiding me over some amazing hurdles that I almost wonder if I would have made it through without her!!  Book her now before someone else in your market does!! ~ Katherine Kelly, Morning Show Co-Host, US*99.5, Chicago

    Working with you over the past few years has been incredible! You have been a wonderful Coach and Spiritual Mentor.  Your website provides inspiring messages and never failed to lift my energy level.  By working with you, I have grown both personally and spiritually, and altered my thinking in ways that’ve allowed me to envision my potential.  Thank you! ~ Shelley Richter, Dayton, Ohio

    My name is Louis Namm.  I would like to tell you how Victorian Bullis was able to help restore stability and meaning in my life.  Due to daily pressures of raising a teenage daughter and going through a difficult divorce I lost my perspective and started to question my whole decisionmaking process.  To add insult to injury I was losing my sexuality.  All this added up to a very difficult period in my life.  So much change so fast with a variety of complex issues no wonder I was having problems. I had heard of Victoria from listening to radio shows.  She had made herself available for psychic connections through radio.  I had always played with the idea of contacting a psychic for a reading just to see what might happen.  I figured at this point in my life things can't get any more difficult.  Maybe she could give me some information that would help me.  Well I called and made an appointment for a reading.  With the very first reading I felt  my life was about to turnaround.  Over the phone without knowing me or seeing me she was able to describe the difficulties in my life, how my deceased mother wanted to contact me to explain a few things about what was going in my life.  Victoria made it clear that things were about to change for the better.  She advised me to read several books that would help give me a new perspective about life and the forces of life.  I subsequently scheduled two more readings.  I learned about spiritual healing, Charkra, Tantra, and Taoism.  With her help confidence and stability returned to my life and through spiritual healing my sexuality started to return.  I schedule periodic readings to keep on track with my life forces, the information Victoria provides through her readings is extremely helpful. ~ Louis N. Namm, Washington DC

    I love, looking at your web site every month—your energy comes through your words; you write the way you talk!  Reading your website always makes me feel that not only am I actually talking to you, but getting totally energized!! ~Lorna Love, on-air on @ KLOL, Houston

    I look forward to reading your website each month—it feels as though you are writing to me!  Your incredible intuitive energy comes through your words and affects my life for the positive.  I’m learning so much about myself and the Universe from your monthly newsletter.  Thank you. ~ Marisa Arilli, Detroit MI

    I am proud to call Victoria a close friend. We’ve spoken on many days and nights about everything from personal faith and metaphysics, to future goals and dreams. She possesses tremendous knowledge, powerful insights and intuition. I would certainly recommend her for consultation to anyone determined to seek private consultation for personal growth. ~ Anthony Michael Hall, Actor, Playa del Rey CA

    Victoria has helped me a great deal over the last year - from spiritual and personal growth to practicalities. When I recently lost my job due to company politics, I called Victoria immediately. She kept insisting that I meet with the company president, which I was EXTREMELY reluctant and nervous about - I didn't even think that he would talk to me! When he agreed, Victoria told me exactly what to say in the meeting. Not only did he triple the severance pay I had been promised, but he also offered to help me find another position! I had gone into that meeting expecting to meet a brick wall; instead, I found doors opened. Thank you, Victoria! ~ Hilary Davies, TX and Scotland

    Victoria Bullis saved my life! For 16 years, I searched for an answer and some relief just to have a better day. After working with Victoria, I no longer have IT! (MS) She is an amazing inspiration with joy and grace. ~ Susan Shatzer Yakima

    Update: Thank you so very much Victoria!! You are one of the most thoughtful connections I have. I cherish our connection and the bond we are forming with our continuous communication.

    I did want to share with you...I spent 4 hours out on my son's school playground field for my son's "Field Day." It was totally sunny and humid. I had water to drink and that was it. I did not need to use cold packs, or a cold vest to regulate my body temperature. I no longer get over heated, exhausted, tingling, drop things, weak, and stumble. I did not have a problem with finding the right words or thinking clearly. After the 4 hours in the sun, I had a friend of my son's return home with us and we all swam for another 2 hours. It was an incredible victorious feeling for me, Victoria.

    You have saved my life. I could not do these things before and now I can. It proved tons to my parents and others who knew how hard it was before for me in the heat. After that Friday, there is no question and no doubt, you cured me. 

    I am so thankful for you answering my first email. I consider myself extremely blessed and super thankful to your guides as well for making our sessions possible. There really are NO words to explain the huge impact you have made in and on my life. I am so ever grateful. Love Always. ~ Susan Yakima